Co-Founders Saman Raza & Ilona Smyth welcome you to the Background Work platform.

Our Story

Our journey began with a simple observation: the world of background performing was accessible only to those in the know. This realization struck us as both an opportunity and a challenge. We’ve seen countless people who are unaware that they could step into the vibrant realm of performing from TV shows to films to commercials and so on. The list of opportunities for background performing work is endless. Not to mention, performers have an opportunity to connect on set with like-minded souls, and make some cash while having fun.

The gap in accessibility to background performing opportunities wasn’t the only issue; the process was not easy to navigate or widely accessible for both production teams or for consumers looking for an on-set opportunity. In a day where technology simplifies our daily lives, the casting process to landing a job as a background performer, to the process of being on set was outdated and not without its challenges. Casting directors relied heavily on emails to communicate with talent, spreadsheets, and have had to complete an unnecessary amount of paper. It was clear to us that we could simplify the whole background process for all involved and so, Background Work was born.

Who Are We?

We are a diverse coalition of technology experts and casting professionals with over twenty years of experience in casting background performers. Our team represents the perfect blend of expertise and passion, uniquely positioning us to help revolutionize this field.

We believe the power of collaboration, the strength of diversity, and the impact of modern technology will transform the traditional background casting process in positive ways.

What Do We Stand For?

At Background Work, we’re more than just a platform; we’re a community built on the foundation of helpfulness and collaboration. We firmly believe that the best teams are those that work together, share ideas freely, and support one another. This philosophy has not only helped us bring out the best in each other but also in those we work with.

Our mission is to make the world of background performing easily and readily accessible to a broader audience, making it enjoyable, and efficient for everyone involved—from casting directors to performers and production teams.

Whether you’re looking to step into the world of background performing or seeking a smarter, more effective way to manage background casting and on-set coordination, we are here for you.

Together, we can create unforgettable experiences, foster lasting connections, and make performing accessible to all.