How Background Actors Get Paid

Navigating the world of background acting can be as thrilling as it is rewarding, especially when it comes to understanding how you get paid for your valuable contribution to film and television.

So here’s the breakdown of how you get paid.

  1. Direct Payment
    With productions cast by Background Work, you are paid directly from the source – the production company.

  2. Cheques to Digital Transition
    Traditionally, background actors have awaited their earnings via mailed cheques, with timelines varying from a few days to up to four weeks. Some productions are moving to direct deposit for background performers, but it is not the standard currently. This also goes for your T4 slips (they come from production in the mail).
    We are not a fan of this vintage approach and are on a mission to drag this process into the 21st century. We are committed to working with production companies to offer solutions to help avoid snail mail, but until then, keep an eye on your mailbox.

  3. What About the Middleman?
    Here’s the scoop: if you land a gig through Background Work, what you earn is what you get – no funny business. We know talent agencies have their place, and yes, they take their cut regardless of your union status. No hard feelings towarde them, but when we dreamed up Background Work, it was with a vision of fairness and transparency. We didn’t see the sense in skimming off your paycheck. Sure, there’s a fee to join our platform, but consider it the price of admission to a world of opportunity. Land just one gig, and your subscription has paid for itself.

  4. The Road Ahead
    In the end, we’re here to make sure you get to do what you love while making the process as smooth as a well-rehearsed scene. We believe in the power of direct connection, not just in casting but in how you receive your hard-earned pay. For those of you have signed up to Background work – we’re grateful for your trust in partnering with us. Together, we’re elevating the standard of entertainment, ensuring every aspect of production is as commendable as the talent displayed on screen.