Frequently Asked Questions

To help everyone get the most out of their experience and address common inquiries, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. We hope these answers will provide you with the clarity you need to navigate and make the best use of Background Work. 

When you apply to a role, your profile is included in a talent pool accessible to background casting directors or associates. If you've been cast, you will receive an email congratulating you and asking you to accept the invitation for the role. 

After accepting a role, you will receive another email 12-24 hours before your shoot date with details about the location and wardrobe. 

If you need to change your plan, please contact for assistance.

Yes, when you apply to a project, you can indicate your preferred roles. However, the background casting director will make the final decision on which role you are assigned. 

Yes, you can apply only for the days you are available, but remember call times can vary. You must be available for the 24 hour window of 6:00am - 6:00am(the following day). A typical work day spans about 8-12 hours on set. 

It's best not to apply if you have limited availability. Casting directors usually learn about call times 12-24 hours before the shoot, and schedules can change. Full availability is ideal, especially since overnight shoots are flagged during the application process. 

To edit your Availability, please go to the Applied Projects menu, and click "Edit Availability" on the specific project you wish to change.

Sometimes, projects have specific requirements. If you don't meet these, you might not see the project. This helps reduce inefficiency by ensuring only qualified candidates apply. 

Please inform us by contacting, and we will pass the information to the casting director. In the future, you will be able to manage this directly from the platform. 

No, we are neither. We provide a platform that connects background casting directors with performers directly, streamlining the process and broadening access to opportunities.

As non-union you will be compensated at minimum wage for your provinceFor example in Ontario you would be paid $16.55/hr.   

This can vary from production to production, however it’s best to be prepared for 8 hoursWith that said depending on wardrobe have some comfortable shoes to slip into between scenes, some warm clothes (if you’re outside), and some food to munch onAlso there can be a lot of waiting around, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on your reading, homework, catching up on a podcast or getting to know other performers! 

Our platform is designed to enhance efficiency and user experience, helping you manage schedules, apply for roles, and interact with casting directors without traditional agency fees which can range from 15%-20% of your pay. The subscription cost covers operational expenses and is balanced to ensure value, with the goal that a single day on set could cover the subscription for a whole year.